English class 12th

कक्षा 12th English के 10 सबसे बेहतरीन Question

कक्षा 12th English के 10 सबसे बेहतरीन Question 

English class 12th
English class 12th

Q 1.Why did Lencho need help from God?
लैंचो को भगवान से मदद की आवश्यकता क्यों थी?
What was Lencho’s problem and what was his only hope?
लैंचो की समस्या क्या थी और उसकी एक एकमात्र उम्मीद क्या थी?
Ans . The rain with heavy hailstorm had ruined Lencho’s field of ripe corn. So he was sad. His only hope was-help from God.

Q 2. Why did Lencho write a letter to God? Who received the letter and what did he do?
लैंचो ने भगवान को पत्र क्यों लिखा? पत्र किसे इंग्लिशमिला और उसने क्या 

Ans.The crop of Lencho was completely ruined by hailstones. He believed that only God would help him. So he wrote Him a letter for help.
The postmaster received the letter. He read it. Then he collected some money and put it in an envelope addressed to Lencho.

Q 3. What did Mandela realise about his brothers and

(मण्डेला ने अपने भाइयों और बहनों के बारे में क्या महसूस किया? )

Ans..Mandela realised that his brothers and sisters were not free in their own country due to their colour. The freedom of everyone in his society was curtailed. He joined the African National Congress and fought for the freedom.

Q 4. Describe the effect of the policy of apartheid on
the people of South Africa?
दक्षिण अफ्रीका के लोगों पर रंगभेद की नीति के प्रभाव का वर्णन करें?
Ans.The policy of apartheid could not be considered fortunate for the people of South Africa. It created distance and a deep wound in the
country and the people. Many great men like Oliver Tambo, Watler risulu, Yusuf Dadoo,Bram Fischers, etc. were produced due to the brutality and oppression. They were men of
great character.

Q 5. Why does Anne want to keep a diary? ऐन डायरी क्यों रखना चाहती हैं?
Ans. Anne wants to keep diary as she didn’t have friend.
Q 6.Why did Anne think she could confide more in her diary than in people? ऐन क्यों सोचती है कि वह मनुष्य से ज्यादा अपनी डायरी पर विश्वास कर सकती है?
Ans. She could confide in her close friend but she didn’t have one, the friends she had there were to have more fun and good times rather than the ones on whom she could confide. She also believes that a paper have more patience than people, so she decided to write and confide in diary.

Q 7.Why does Anne provide a brief sketch of her life?
ऐन अपने जीवन का संक्षिप्त चित्रण क्यों देती है?
Ans.Anne provides a brief sketch of her life since no one would understand a word of her musing if the were to jump right in.

Q 8. Describe Coorg’s weather. When is it most pleasant for the tourists to visit Coorg?
कुर्ग के मौसम का वर्णन कीजिए। यह कुर्ग आने वाले पर्यटकों के लिए कब सुहावना होता है?
Ans. The weather of Coorg is pleasant during the months from September to March. During that time, the weather is perfect with some showers thrown in for good measure. During the monsoon, it receives heavy rainfall.

Q 9. Why is Coorg called the land of rolling hills? कुर्ग गोल पहाड़ियों की भूमि क्यों कहलाता है?

Ans. Coorg is called the land of rolling hills because the hills are not steep or very high. Then there are rainforests grown over them. The Brahmagiri hills command a panoramic view of the misty landscape of Coorg.

Q 10.What is the main crop of Coorg ? कुर्ग की मुख्य फसलें कौन-सी हैं?

Ans..The main crop of Coorg is coffee. After monsoons, the air breathes of invigorating coffee with coffee estates and bungalows tucked under tree canopies.