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कक्षा 12 अंग्रेजी सप्लीमेंटरी मोस्ट important प्रश्न यूपी बोर्ड 2023

कक्षा 12 अंग्रेजी सप्लीमेंटरी मोस्ट important प्रश्न यूपी बोर्ड 2023

यूपी बोर्ड 2023 अंग्रेजी में 95%पाने के लिए आप इस आर्टिकल को पूरा पढ़ें ताकि आपको यूपी बोर्ड 2023 में अच्छे से अच्छा नंबर पा सकते हैं।

Question. What prompted Dr. Sadao to save the man’s life? किस बात ने डॉ० सदाओ को उस व्यक्ति का जीवन बचाने के लिए प्रेरित हुए।

Ans. Sadao was a doctor. He had been trained to save every life he could. He was true to his profession. Dedication to his profession prompted Sadao to save the man’s life though he belonged to his enemy country.

Up baord 2023
Up baord 2023

Question.What was the chief concern of Sadao’s father? सदाओ के पिता की मुख्य चिन्ता क्या थी?

Ans. The chief concern of Sadao’s father was Sadao’s education. For this very purpose he sent Sadao to America to learn surgery and medicine.

Question.Why did messenger come to Dr. Sadao? संदेशवाहक डॉ० सदाओ के पास क्यों आया?

Ans.He came to Dr. Sadao because Dr. Sadao was to come to the palace. The old General was in pain again. The old General had an attack. Dr. Sadao could be needed for operation.

Question.What will Dr. Sadao and his wife do with the man?डॉ० सदाओ और उसकी पत्नी श्वेत आदमी के साथ क्या करेंगे? 

Ans.Hana, the wife of Dr. Sadao held the cotton soaked in anesthetic near the nostrils of the whiteman and Dr. Sadao operated on the man and took out the bullet from his back.

Question.What will Dr. Sadao do to get rid of the man? डॉ० सदाओ उस व्यक्ति से छुटकारा पाने के लिए क्या करेंगे?

Ans.Dr. Sadao will provide him a boat with enough food and clothes in it. He will help him to reach
Question. What was the purpose of the visit to Antarctica? अंटार्कटिका के भ्रमण का उद्देश्य क्या था ?

Ans . Antarctica is the coldest, driest and windiest continent in the world. It was to realise how real was the threat of global warming and depletion of the ozone layer.

Question.What is increasing the average global temperature?

क्या चीज विश्व का औसत तापमान बढ़ा रही है?

Ans. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that traps heat in the atmosphere. The unmitigated burning of fossil fuels has now created a blanket of carbon dioxide around the world, which is slowly increasing temperature.

Question.How did the author travel to Antarctica? लेखिका ने अंटार्कटिका की यात्रा कैसे की ?


How did the author reach Antarctica?


लेखक अंटार्कटिका कैसे पहुँचा ?

Ans. The author travelled to Antarctica on a Russian research vessel ‘Akademik Shokalskiy. She travelled over 100 hours in combination of a car, aeroplane and a ship.
Question. What does the third level refer to?
तीसरा तल किस ओर संकेत करता है?

Ans.The third level is a product of Charley’s imagination. He finds it a place where he can escape from the modern world of insecurity and fear.

Question.Would Charley ever go back to the ticket-counter on the third level to buy tickets to Galesburg for himself and his wife?
क्या कभी चार्ली अपने और अपनी पत्नी के लिए गेल्सबर्ग का टिकट खरीदने के लिए तीसरे तल के टिकटघर पर वापिस जायेगा ?

Ans.No, Charley never again found the corridor that led to the third level at Grand Central Station, although he had tried to reach there many a time.

Question.What do you infer from Sam’s letter to Charley?
आप चार्ली के नाम सैम के पत्र से क्या निष्कर्ष निकालते हैं?
Ans.I infer from Sam’s letter to Charley that it was another imagination of Charley to prove that he was right about the third level. Sam and Charley lived in the present. The letter can’t be far back dated as July 18,

Question Do you see an intersection of time and space in the story?
क्या आपको कहानी में समय और स्थान का प्रतिच्छेद दिखायी देता है?
Ans.Yes, we see an intersection of time and space in the story. Living in the present time, Charley.

Question.What was the third level? Where was it situated?
तीसरा तल क्या था? यह कहाँ स्थित था?


Ans.The third level refers to the sub-way of the Grand Central Station that takes passengers to Galesburg, Illinois. The third level on the station was a medium of escape for Charleg, the narrator from the harsh realities of modern life. It provide him a base where he could interweave fantasy and reality.

Question.What did the psychiatrist friend of Charlie tell him when Charlie told him about the third level at Grand Central Station?
चार्ली के मनोचिकित्सक मित्र ने उसे क्या बताया जब चार्ली ने उसे ग्राण्ड सेण्ट्रल स्टेशन के तीसरे तल के बारे में बताया ?

Ans.The psychiatrist friend interpreted Charlie’s finding the third level was the result of stress, fear, and insecurity of the modern world. He explained to him that the stress and fear had urged him to find an escape to a world that was peaceful and had plenty of leisure. He also told him his hobby of philately (stamp collection) was also responsible for this for this unusual experience.

Question- How did Charley enter The Third Level’ ? चार्ली ने तीसरे तल में कैसे प्रवेश किया?


Ans.One night Charley worked till late at the office. Then he was in a hurry to get back to his apartment. So he decided to take the sub-way from Grand Central. He went down the steps and come to the first level. Then he walked down to the second level from where the suburban trains left. He ducked into an arched doorway that headed to the sub-way. Then he got lost. Knowing that he was going wrong he continued to walk downward. The tunnel turned a sharp left and then taking a short flight of stairs he came out on the third level at the Grand Central Station.
What is there on Antarctica ?
Question.How is silence interrupted there sometimes?

अंटार्कटिका पर क्या है? वहाँ कभी-कभी सन्नाटा कैसे टूट जाता है?
Ans. Tishani Doshi, is as un-worshipping South Indian and for her to spend two-weeks in a place where so percent of the Earth’s total ice volumes are stored as a chilling prospect- both in terms of circulatory and metabolic functions and for the imagination. She has been transported from the searching sun to the ice floes and glaciers where ninety percent of the earth’s surface is ice-mass. Her two-week Antarctic encounter left an epiphanic effect on her and she carried back indelible memories of the continent. For her, it was like walking into a giant ping-pong ball, devoid of any human markers like trees, bill-boards and buildings. She says one loses all earthly sense of perspective and time here. As the day pass in surreal 24-hour australsummer light, a silence prevails which is interrupted only by the occasional avalanche or caving ice sheet.

Question.Why is an adult’s perspective on life different from that of a child’s?
जीवन के बारे में एक बड़े व्यक्ति का नजरिया एक बच्चे के नजरिये से ‘भिन्न क्यों होता है?

Ans. An adult and a child look at life in different colours. Adults have to face the harsh realities of life to keep things going. They know life does not always end with a happy note. To them each life has its own ebb and tide. To them beauty as well as ugliness, both are the part of life. But a child living in the comfort provided by his parents accepts only beauty to be true. His parents try to keep him away from all the bitterness of life. So he knows nothing about the real world. The story represents two different perspectives, the perspective of a little child, and the perspective of an adult man.

Question.Who was the Wizard? How did he use to do


जादूगर कौन था? वह जादू कैसे करता था ?


Ans.The Wizard is the character in Jack’s stories who usually presents the solution to whatever problem Roger is facing. He does this by performing a magic spell that reverses Roger’s predicament, making Roger very happy. In the story of Roger Skunk, however, the Wizard is the antagonist; changing Roger’s scent against the wishes of Roger’s mother, and therefore altering one of Roger’s innate biological traits. The wizard also proves a divisive character for Jack and Jo. Jo believes that the Wizard’s actions were justified, and therefore he has every right to hit Roger’s mother and refuse to reverse his spell.

Jack, on the other hand, sides with Roger’s mother and believes that the Wizard should reverse spell to make Roger’s mother happy. In this way, the Wizard represents a sense of freedom from obligation, as he enables Roger to do the things he wants to do without regard for the consequences or his family’s feedings. Too young to have her own sense of personal duty. Jo is unable to understand how the Wizard – could be wrong, but Jack, who sees herself as having compromised many of his goals and much of his freedom out of a sense of duty, knows that the wizard cannot win.

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